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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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and daughter were about to have dinner when the thief pushed into their home, it made for a tense couple of minutes, they kept their cool even though the 102-year-old was pushed to the floor. >> i was frightened but annoyed more than anything. that is evelyn that lives on dock street in tom s river. >> he had already opened the storm door and he grabbed me and turned me around and held me from the back and put his arms in the front and pushing me and i yelled to tell her to call the cops. >> her is bonnie's mom that wears a life alert pendents around her neck and the suspect heard that and immediately went to her and pushed her to the
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ground and pulled off the life alert. >> that made bonnie made. >> when i fell down and she yelled at him for the falling down and he came and picked me up very gently. >> he demanded cash and they gave him a small amount and then he left. thankfully they were not hurt. >> what is going on? >> police don't know the motive for the robbery, they say that drugs are a possibility and this is a reminder no matter how old you are never open your door to a stranger. >> good advice thank you nora. a philadelphia man accused of gunning down an aspiring teacher for his ipod is found not guilty. and jones is already serving life for killing a witness in
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the case, beau zable was killed a few weeks before starting a job in the philadelphia schools, there is no philadelphia evidence linking jones to this crime. philadelphia police used a gps tracker hidden in a stack of money to track down a man wanted for robbing a bank this morning, one man indicated he had a gun and the teller handed over the cash but little did the robber know a gps was placed inside of the bag, they are still looking for a second suspect. >> turning to the forecast now, it's an unseasonably warm wednesday and temperatures only get higher, meteorologist is outside with the accuweather details. it doesn't feel like september at all. >> this is typical of el niño, we have mild pacific air here and across the country, 55 in philadelphia, and down from our high of 58 degrees, not much
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cooler in miz mark north dakota, 54 degrees, the normal high there this time of the year in the upper 20s and dallas 70 degrees and whammer air is moving in as we head through the week. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we saw a good amount of sunshine earlier than the clouds rolled in and if you look out over ohio you see a scattering of showers and that is from a trough moving through tonight, a little piece of energy and that could bring a sprinkle or two early in the morning and the impact is the cloud cover and the evening planner showing you that the clouds are insulating and temperatures are slow to cool off. at 7:00, 51 and by 10:00, 49 degrees, a relatively mild night and it's hard to believe that tomorrow's forecast of 61 degrees, is 15 degrees above normal. and this warm-up is just getting
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started. i'm tracking five days in the 60s, record will likely fall this weekend and there is a possibility of rain showers but no chance of snow on the way, i'll have all the details of this somewhat spring like forecast, coming up later on. >> thank you cecily, tomorrow night the accuweather team is getting you ready for winter, from the mountains to the shore get a look at our new long range predictions and go behind the scenes to see how we put our forecast today preparing for winter's wrath that will come. it airs tomorrow on 6 abc. it may be warm outside now but this is the best time to get ready for what mother nature is delivering us this season. the stores have plenty of shovels and rock salt in stock, "action news" reporter, eva pilgram is live at the penndot lot.
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>> is there enough salt? check it out we have plenty of salt here now just waiting for the first snow of the season and in the meantime people across the delaware valley are finding benefits from this mild weather, garland is spread on doorways but the only snow in chestnut hill is the paper hanging variety. last year this shop could not keep the bags of salt for the demand. >> we get a cold snap and everybody will come in all at once and we'll sell a whole bunch of bags. it's at least cold by now. >> contractors are not complaining this gift from mother nature means a longer working season for them. >> we are solar guys and we need to get on the roof and we are fine with that. >> over at penndot, 120,000 tons
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of salt are ready to go. we are entering winter and a lot could happen. they are using the weather to seal cracks and fill potholes, and they are doing dry runs on the roofs, getting ready for when the snow finally comes. >> they know and they can react. >> all right that was eva pilgram reporting. meantime delaware residents can find out exactly will the snowplows are thanks to a new app, the del/dot snowplower app gives the location of every plow on the move, they gave a demonstration of the app. >> we are fortunate over the last come of years that our salt inventory is maintained and some surrounding states are not as lucky, i'm happy to say we are fully stockpiled now with 44,000 tons of salt in our salt barns
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throughout the state when have vendors ready to call on additional supplies. >> you can't see whether the truck is plowing or salting or driving to another location yet, and they hope to update that in a year or two. the annual menorah lighting happened in center city. one candle is lit each night during this eight day celebration of hanukkah that began last sunday. time for a check of our "action news" traffic report wednesday night. lets go to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> it's a festival of lights on the roadways this season, a whole lot of headlights on the westbound side of 422, out of king of prussia it slows past trooper road and a fender bender off to the left shoulder and it's extra heavy headed home westbound on 422 this afternoon,
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also watching a crash by the township offices at trox hill road, and there is a new wreck to avoid in east norton near mall road. pennsylvania turnpike eastbound side speeds in the low 20s as you pass the norristown interchange this afternoon. on the big picture a crash in bryn mawr at montrose avenue, a couple of accidents on the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway, and one off to the right side and it's extra heavy conditions on 676 approaching the roosevelt boulevard and then from montgomery drive the whole way on out toward gladwyne and some may be heading into the wells fargo center for q 102's jingle ball tonight, you can take a sports express train, well a concert express train in
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this case, three of them running in the 6:00 hour, and take it down the broad street line and it's a short walk to the wells fargo center. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> much more to come on "action news" at 5:00, the number of boston college students sickened with the same illness keeps growing. we have the latest on the spreading norovirus, and why "time" magazine chose angela merkel as person of the year this year.
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health officials in boston say a sick worker was the likely source of a norovirus outbreak at a chipotle restaurant at the boston campus, it has risen to 120 sickened. the restaurant is closed. the life expectancy has stalled and some worry that it has peaked. >> for most of the past 70 years, americans could expect to
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live longer lives, but life expectancy has stalled for three straight year, children born between 2012 and 2014 can expect to live 78 years and 9 months, it's not clear why it has stalled but they believe that incidences of suicides and overdose drug deaths are to cause. it's because of the abuse of pain killers like oxycontin and vicodin, and deaths from alzheimer's disease is on the rise and infant mortality has dropped to a record low. and depression is a problem across the country including inside of the medical community and it seems to be more common with medical residents, long hours and workload and stress
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adds to their problems, they may not admit they need help or get the support they need. >> in case we should be acting quickly to be more supporting and more provocative and push a bit to understand what the problem is, doctors say that the programs are built into training so residents can recognize training in their patients and in themselves and understand the importance of treatments. finally today the next time you think your teenager or spouse is ignoring you while they read something on their phone or watching tv, that may not be the case, a small study in the study of neuro science says that a person's sense of vision and hearing is located in a shared region of the brain and there are limits on how much it can process and the brain fails to multitask and is forced to choose between the two senses, they call this inattentional
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deafness. rick and monica. >> thank you ali. >> what did she say? you werer not listening. philadelphia children will soon be safer thanks to a generous donation from kohls department stores, the retailer gave the children a check for their injury protection program and kohls donated car seats and safety products to 30 local families in northeast philadelphia and kohls has given almost $8 million to the hospital. >> hanukkah celebrations are in full swing in wynnewood montgomery county tonight. elementary students at the pearlman school on haverford road did a sing along in hebrew and english and recited special blessings from each grade but a special way to mark hanukkah.
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german chancellor angela merkel is named the time person of the year, and they praise her on the syria refugee crisis to the greek debt problem, merkel is 61 and just the fourth woman since 1927 to be chosen and beats out other finalists like donald trump and caitlyn jenner and the ceo of uber.
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wilmington bases dupont is looking to merge with dow chemicals, the companies are in advanced merger talks, if that happens there would be a breakup into three businesses, agricultural chemicals, specialty products and materials. the chief executive of dow is expected to lead the new company. spirit airlines is expanding its service to philadelphia and the airline announced today it would begin operating non-stop service to detroit and ft. lauderdale, and it starts at the end of april 2016, it began
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flying out at the beginning of 2013 and has added non-stop service to three other cities. >> and apple announced the smart battery case for the i-phone 6 s, it sells for $99 and promises 19 hours of additional talk time and eight hours off use while on the internet and a hinged design so the case is easy to remove if needed. a popular soda from the 90s is making a contest. pepsi is holding a contest through its app, they will award a six-pack of crystal pepsi to 13,000 winners, they have maintained a loyal following and there is no word if the contest will lead to the drink's perm nan return. a delaware county courthouse in media was transformed into a
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holiday concert hall. ♪ jingle bells >> students from the wallman school performed as part of the annual song fest celebration, sponsored by the parks and recreation department, the idea is to get everyone into the holiday spirit here in delaware county. more to come on "action news" at 5:00, a reminder we are all interacting with you, on facebook and we are 6 abc "action news" and twitter at 6 abc, join us and always be part of "action news."
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board, keeping an eye on the temperatures, it's starting to warm up today, the afternoon high shot up to 50 degrees, december so far running 6 degrees above average, getting into the 60s for the next five days, in the lehigh valley, 52 degrees and reading 52 and rand caster 51 and wilmington 52 and cape may 53 degrees, so a 24
5:25 pm
hour change, from wilmington to millville and we head towards those numbers through the weekend, we saw sunshine earlier and then the clouds really rolling in and you can see this broke and band of showers associated with the trough and a piece of energy overnight, mainly what this will do it bring us cloud cover and when you have clouds overhead at night, the temperatures stay relatively warm and not falling much from where they were right now, cape may 46 and the boardwalk in atlantic city, 48 degrees, the northwest suburbs cooler and reading 38 and lancaster down to 36 degrees, could have a spotty sprinkle and showing the best time of that happening the wee hours of the morning at 4:30, sprinkles northp philadelphia and good
5:26 pm
amount of cloud cover and 8:30 the clouds are starting to break a little bit and look what happens in the afternoon, clouds are out of here and the sunshine is back and temperatures rising up into the low 60s, enjoy the day tomorrow, it doesn't feel like the holidays, it's comfortable when grew outside a light jacket is all you'll need in the afternoon, 51 in philadelphia and allentown 56 and reading 57 and trenton 59 and millville 60 and cape may up to 59 degrees, the five-day at 5:00 doesn't look typical of december, these are early october and november temperatures, we bump it up to 68 on friday and we tie the record on saturday at 68 books 65 and on sunday we bump it up, 68 degrees and i would not be surprised if some areas touch 70
5:27 pm
and monday, it stays warm but some rain moves in with a high of 68 degrees, the next five-days are warm and this mild weather will not be lasting all winter long so you want to tune in to our special "action news" accuweather winter storms, this is thursday night at 7:30, i'll go into detail on what to expect over the season not just here but the entire country, we'll show you behind the scenes footage. you don't want to miss this, it will get interesting at the end fbt winter guys. coming up we are learning more about the suspect in the attempted murder of a toms river police officer, what authorities are saying about him now. and anyone that uses the septa regional rail, new schedules and popular destinations were released today. a woman goes all out for the holidays in honor of her family. those stories and more -- now
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hello again. a chester county couple is accused of intimidating a witness that was set to testify against one of them and a doctor is going to prison and new details about the san bernardino, california, killers and their excessive radical islam. we are live with that. detectives say a coatesville couple used fear tactics to make sure a witness stayed quiet. this is chanel turner and whyly, we get more now from sara bloomquist from westchester. >> reporter: 23-year-old chanel turner worked in the justice center and her boyfriend, kenneth whilely was charged in september with a dozen felony
5:31 pm
and misdemeanor drug offenses, prosecutors say that in october a witness was in the courthouse one day before the witness was scheduled to testify. >> whiyly found the witness and tried to intimidate the witness into not testifying. turner said don't come to court tomorrow. and later that morning whyly came to the courthouse and followed the witness around. in fact hogan said prior to the courthouse encountser, wylie posted a rap video on youtube showing him trying to kill a witness. she has been fired from her job at the courthouse and wylie is on the run. >> if we have witness
5:32 pm
intimidation in the courthouse by a county employee, something you cannot put up with. that shows you how far the stop snitching will go. we have an update to a story we told you about yesterday at 5:30, a man in the states illegally is now charged with trying to kill a toms river police officer. he is 33-year-old gerard diaz, that he hit officer brennan after he confronted him about a fake i.d. outside of a dmv, he was treated and released and diaz and the man that allegedly picked him up after, were arrested. he was deported to his native dominican republic for other charges. a doctor, 61-year-old
5:33 pm
lawrence wean of media was found guilty of 99 countses of unlawfully prescribing substances without a prescription and charged $200 to $300 to write the prescriptions, he served the community for 37 before his arrest last year. fumes from a verizon cable crew doing work led to an evacuation in spring garden, the 300 block of callow hill street, patients and staff were evacuated as a precaution and one person was taken to the hospital for observation. septa official asnounced schedule changes across the board and one of the biggest is a new timetable and the elimination of some stops along the airport line. officials say that the changes will approve service problems
5:34 pm
that cause delays for trains that normally run on time. >> we know that like on any schedule change people are not affected or a train stopping at their station and there are options, we are trying to get our system reliability back up. the changes go into effect on sunday and more information can be found at philadelphia mayor, michael nutter announced the winner of an annual award for integrity. daniel w., an attorney in the city's law department accepted the joan markman award today, the award recognizes a city employee that demonstrates a strong commitment to diligence and transparency, it honors joan markman who passed away earlier this year. now, to the latest on the investigation into the san bernardino terror attack, the couple at the center of the siege was no strangers to
5:35 pm
terrorist ideology, they say that they were both radicalized years before they started dating and discusses jihad and martyrdom as early as three years ago in 2013. >> reporter: the fbi director testified today on capitol hill saying whether their terrorist organizations are playing match maker by allowing terrorists into the united states using match maker visas. >> they revealed today that killer killers syed farook and tashfeen malik were radicalized before they actually met. it shows other locations like a
5:36 pm
high school but not known if they were potential target sfwlz when someone launches this type of attack, typically there are other sites. >> farook's mother is added to the no fly list and the 22-year-old neighbor is accused of buying two assault rifles for farook two years ago. paula watched the killers unload killing 14 people. >> i wanted to get out and save my life. >> a vigil was hemmed today for the victims at san bernardino county college while across the country, anti-islamic rhetoric heats up. >> threatening voice mails were left a mosque. fbi investigators have not identified any isis networks
5:37 pm
here in the united states. reporting live in los angeles, channel 6 "action news.." >> thank you. robert deer accused of killing three people at a planned parenthood in colorado pleaded guilty. deer was formerly charged with first degree murder and three people died and nine others were wounded in last month's attack. a baltimore police officer charged with manslaughter in the death of freddie gray took the stand in his own defense today, william porter testified that gray shows no signs of injury and gave no reason to call for a medic, when asked if gray said he could not breathe, porter said, ac absolutely not. he died a few days after riding handcuffed and shackled in the back of a police transport van and prosecutors argue that
5:38 pm
porter was negligent for not calling a medic after gray requested one. and now protesters in chicago are calling for the resignation of rahm emanuel, they chanted quote, 16 shots and a coverup. the peaceful protest is several in the wake of the police dash-cam video, showing the death of laquan mcdonald and the officer that pulled the trigger is charged with murder. mayor rahm emanuel apologized for the shooting and promised to reform the police department. the department of justice launched a civil rights investgation into the chicago police department. >> coming up on world news you can see the latest on the san bernardino investigation right after "action news" at 6:00. time to get a check of the roads for you as folks travel home. matt pellman is in the traffic center with an update.
5:39 pm
>> someone traveled right into the vision works along conshohocken state road approaching city avenue, the accidents doesn't appear to be overly serious and the car is up against the side there of the store, but we see it in the camera this evening, i would stick with belmont as a better bet. in addition to that we watch a crash at wynnewood road and argyle road and still the crash on the shoulder eastbound schuylkill by south street and slowing is now starting on 95 northbound heading toward q 102's jingle ball. and farther north near academy, a crash taking out a lane at 10 miles per hour. new crash in norristown at buttonwood street, extra slow off 202 out to trooper, where there is an accident on the shoulder and it remains generally heavy out to route 29, rick and monica back over to you. >> still to come on "action
5:40 pm
news" tonight, a city council meeting escalates to an all out brawl trk was captured on tape. we'll tell what you caused the commotion. and safety regulations for fans next season, we'll tell you all about it. and no signs of winter in the eastern half of the country. really no arctic air in sight, will there ever be in the seven day? we'll let you know in a bit guys.
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this town hall meeting in a small city in indiana came to blows and it was call caught on video and it came about because the marshall position was available. the former marshall says he was illegally fired and he has action against them and things got out of control and nobody was seriously injured. the national association of state fire marshall is warning consumers to do their research
5:44 pm
after one of the popular gadgets caught on fire, a hover board caught on fire and witnesses say it exploded jufs just part of a string of incidents involving this hover board toy. phillies are on board with major league baseball's recommendations to protect fans from foul balls. they will add netting within 70 feet of home plate and that will put an additional 400 fans behind netting. also, in sports tonight eagles continue to prepare for a showdown with buffalo on sunday and jaime apody is here and fireworks going on here. >> sunday could get interesting folks, it appears that lesean
5:45 pm
mccoy has a very large chip on his shoulder literally and can't stop letting the world know about it. he is set to make his return to the linc and has it on his calendar since he was traded to balls. he would like to shake his former running back's hand, here is mccoy's response to that. >> i'm not talking to chip, we got nothing to talk about, he can't call me or shake my hand, he can't say [ bleep ] to me, i have nothing against him, there is nothing for us to talk about, he knows how i am and how i act. nothing he can do or talk about. why can't chip shake your hand. he said he wanted to. >> chip can't shake [ bleep ] at all.
5:46 pm
he know its. >> now kelly's current running back is not too happy either, demarco murray frustrated with his limited role as running back. and congratulations to malcolm jenkins named the defensive play of the week, he had an interception for a touch down in the upset of the patriot, the third time he won the award and the first time as an eagle. baseball meetings continue in nashville and phillies sign david hernandez for a one year deal and was with the diamondbacks last year and 40 appearances coming off tommy john series. the 20-1 sixers try for win number 2, coming off a 50 point loss to the spurs. how do you get over something like that brett brown says this is how. >> basic core values of having
5:47 pm
these guys enjoy each other's company and high level of competition and building a mote around them and us and keep us together and not distracted by all the confusing and noise and most importantly never letting go of the attitude and effort. >> he was out of his boot and has clearance for that now. college football announces its top award the heisman trophy, we have our own heisman winner here sam bradford, the question is what do you do about that thing after you win it? >> my mom used it as a center piece on the dining room table because she didn't have any where else to put it and it stayed there for a while. i think they were kind of decorations around it and she got tired of it and brought it
5:48 pm
to my house. >> it's still at his house but that say nice decoration for the dining room table. >> a nice paper weight. >> yes. go ahead we got it. thank you jaime. >> dozens of young sisters turned out at the philadelphia protestant home, each school sent six children to the event and they enjoyed games and a photo book and best of all a pizza lunch. >> yummy. it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs.
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time for accuweather. meteorologist, adam joseph, is here. >> it's technically not winter yet on the calendar and it comes in a week and a half but up until that point it's not winter. as we look at double scan live radar -- when words don't come out of rick's mouth you know you shocked him. double scan live radar not finding precipitation and the action cam was along the wissahickon creek earlier today and you can see not much in the
5:52 pm
way of ice as the overnight lows have yet to drop below freezing in much of the area night after night. temperatures still 55 degrees in philadelphia, 52 in wilmington and 54 in trenton and low 50s in the lehigh valley, and the same for southern new jersey and delaware, and up in the poconos knts even make snow, because temperatures are well above the freezing point. as we look at satellite and radar, we have sunshine earlier today and clouds quickly increased and this ribbon and brighter white clouds, a boundary from the west and it's called a trough and energy in the atmosphere and sprinkles in near pittsburgh and charleston, west virginia, and it's cloudy overnight and as it passes through tonight and early tomorrow morning there could be a spotty sprinkle and otherwise it's mild, now that the clouds are passing in, it acts as a
5:53 pm
blanket and you can't escape the heat and it stays between 37 and 46 degrees overnight. then tomorrow for the school day forecast, in the morning, light jacket that is all you need, 48 degrees at 7:00 and noon 56 and by 4:0060 degrees any early clouds will give way to sunshine in the afternoon as the temperatured bust well above average. the question is, where is all the cold, well it is locked on at the north pole, santa has that under lock and key and holding it in his back pocket now, as you head down later this month. there is no mechanism to break the cold air from the north poll and into canada, and into the lower 48, the jet stream is the beast here and pulls a lot of warmth from the deep south, we are near record territory, friday, saturday and sunday and
5:54 pm
near a record tomorrow and tying it on saturday and probably break it on sunday with a high temperature of 68, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 60s for the next five days, early clouds tomorrow and turning sunny in the afternoon and a lot of high clouds saturday and sunday and on saturday, we have the big navy and army game at the linc. 62 for kickoff and 62 for the fourth quarter and the warm day fort kickoff for the eagles at the link on sunday and staying in the 60s on monday despite rain in the afternoon and then cooler air comes in but still above arm, 54 on tuesday and wednesday, and beyond that no signs of winter whatsoever. if your holiday traditions are making a a gingerbread house, a woman took that to the extreme making her parents house
5:55 pm
look like a gingerbread cottage, the decorator dressed up her nieces as han sell and get el.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6, he fired back against mayor nutter. and the victims family reacts after their son's accused killer was found not guilty. and dozens of christmas wishes will be granted this year thanks to a program involving generous strangers. now for the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams, have a good night.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with meteorologist ducis rogers, cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> wednesday night and a major new development begins in camden and they search for a man in a home invasion in new jersey. but the big story on "action news" is nutter versus trump round two. donald trump posted a tweet today that called mayor michael nutter a low life. this comes after he called to deny all muslims entry into the
6:00 pm
united states, nutter said if he could he would ban trump from philadelphia and there say bloomberg politics post, shows that 65% of likely voters support trump's idea of banning muslims from coming into the u.s. walter perez is live at city hall, this is getting more and more attention. >> in the midst of that flap is the mayor's use of profanity. and when asked if he regretted that, he said not really. >> he used colorful language in front of local religious leaders to describe the presidential frontrunner. >> he's an [ bleep ] i apologize reverends and people in the religious communities. >> trump did not respond to his


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